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To gain knowledge of, and competence in, the operational use of terrestrial-based GMDSS VHF radio communications systems for Officers in charge of the Navigational Watch in Sea Area A1 only. 

The course is for those wishing to operate VHF radios on mandatory fit vessels and installations, including offshore production platforms and MOUs (Mobile Offshore Units).

This course is also suitable for individuals wishing to peruse VTS Operator course (V103/1).


The VTS Induction course (35 hours) offers a variety of approaches, meets the requirements of IALA and the MCA and provides underpinning knowledge and prepares trainees for the formal assessment to IALA V-103/1 model course for Modules 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8.

This course offers delegates the opportunity to achieve and demonstrate competence in VTS underpinning knowledge and simulated exercises, ending with two written paper assessments.


The VTS Operator Simulator course (35 hours) provides simulation exercises to assess the learning outcomes of the IALA V-103/1 model course and meets the requirements of IALA and the MCA. 

This stage may only be commenced on successful completion of the formal assessment for the VTS Induction course examination. The course offers the opportunity to apply vessel traffic monitoring and organisation methods for safe and uninterrupted movements of ships in the VTS area.


The VTS (IALA V103/1) RADAR/ARPA course will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to operate a ship's Radar and ARPA.

This course is intended for people who do not hold an STCW MCA approved Radar/ARPA certificate or a NAEST (O) or NAEST (M) certificate.

The course is designed to meet the Radar/ARPA element of the requirements of the IALA VTS Operator Course (V103/1) Module 3: Equipment.


VTS personnel are required to undergo VTS Refresher training every three years. This need to be through either a formal VTS Refresher training course conducted by an MCA accredited VTS training organisation, or an in-house MCA approved course provided by a VTS Authority, with the appropriate resources in order to achieve the refresher training standard.


This course is designed to keep in mind the busy schedule of the port operators.

It provides them the flexibility to complete the module while still at work, benefiting both the operators and their employers.

It is particularly suited to the needs of the individuals who wish to work or continue to work in the VTS operations and do not have the necessary background to meet the VTS Nautical Knowledge module 4 of the IALA (V103/1) requirements.

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