Funded training for a Maritime career for service leavers

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At Fleetwood Nautical Campus we are proud to be an approved learning provider to the Ministry of Defence's Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme, promoting lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. Providing financial support in each of a maximum of three separate financial years, the scheme enables higher level learning of a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3 or above (or approved international equivalent).

Why Fleetwood?

With outstanding facilities, expert tutors and an exceptional graduate to employment rate, Fleetwood Nautical Campus has an international reputation for excellence. This is underpinned by over 130 years of providing high quality training to the maritime industry.

What can I study?

Service leavers can study with us for a new career in the Merchant Navy via the ELCAS scheme, with opportunities in nautical science (deck), marine engineering and electro-technical. There are entry points at various levels and pathways for progression to higher levels. 

Why should I consider it?

A career in the Merchant Navy provides a wealth of opportunities to earn good money (sometimes tax free), travel the world and acquire a wide range of skills – technical, personal and professional – which are widely sought and are transferable to many other industries.

How will you help?

As well as providing world class training, we guarantee you an interview with at least one shipping/training company for sponsorship of your studies and will provide the necessary guidance and interview preparation to maximise your chances of success. Sponsoring companies meet all the costs of study, ancillary training and provide a stipend for living costs.

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You can also contact Laura Whitaker -  or call on 01253 504566. 

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