STCW VTS (V103/1) Module 4 - Nautical Knowledge (Blended Learning)


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Maritime and Nautical

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Course Overview

This course is designed to keep in mind the busy schedule of the port operators. It provides them the flexibility to complete the module while still at work, benefiting both the operators and their employers.

It is particularly suited to the needs of the individuals who wish to work or continue to work in the VTS operations and do not have the necessary background to meet the VTS Nautical Knowledge module 4 of the IALA (C0103/1) requirements.

The syllabus of the course covers the requirement for VTS Operators to be able to carry out certain navigational functions and to have sufficient knowledge of ships to understand limitations of manoeuvrability or the need for special treatment caused by malfunction of shipboard systems or the type of cargo being carried.

This course covers the theory and practice of chart work, provides knowledge of the collision regulations, buoyage and electronic aids to navigation systems as well as shipboard navigational equipment.

It also provides an understanding of ship design matters, certain shipboard systems and some circumstances external to a ship which might influence its behaviour.

This course also provides knowledge of port operations as well as other services provided to shipping by ports, harbours and offshore installations.

The course is split into six different sections covering all the IALA requirements for Nautical Knowledge.

This is a blended learning course. Learners can enrol at any time to suit their needs. It is expected that learners should be able to complete it within 12 months of enrolment. 

The course can typically take around 6 – 12 weeks to complete with 6 hours per day commitment and dedication.

Entry Requirements

There is no specific entry requirements for this course.

Overseas clients need to meet the requirement of the English language as per IALA C0103 requirements as follows:

“All VTS personnel are required to meet the English Language requirement. Recommended training hours for Module 1 (Language) of the IALA Model Course C0103/1 are set on the assumption that VTS trainees have achieved an International English Language Testing Scheme (IELTS) Level 5 or equivalent prior to commencement of training.

"The validity of an IELTS certificate is two years. If the IELTS certificate has been obtained earlier than the two-year validity period, the candidate should demonstrate evidence that they have maintained or improved their proficiency in English.”

Career Options and Progression

Once you have completed this course, you can enrol on to the IALA VTS C0103/1 Induction course and subsequently on to the IALA VTS C0103/1 Simulator Operator course.

Upon the successful completion of this course and, once you have satisfied all the other requirements of the IALA VTS V103/1, you will be qualified as a VTS operator and be able to work in any sea port or any VTS centre in the world.

Assessment Methods

The course is split into six different sections covering all the requirements of VTS Nautical Knowledge module 4 of the IALA (C0103/1).

The course will introduce you to key aspects of the maritime industry to help build and develop your nautical knowledge. The main areas covered are:

  • Chartwork
  • Collision regulations
  • Aids to navigation
  • Shipborne navigational aids
  • Shipboard knowledge
  • Port operations

Each section has a multiple choice self- marking quiz to assess your progress.

There is an on-line examination, covering all the six sections, which must be successfully completed.

Teaching and Learning Methods

This is a blended learning course.

Blended learning is a form of distance learning, allowing you to qualify from anywhere in the world.

Ideal if you are based overseas, work full-time or prefer a flexible mode of study.

Blended learning facilitates experiential learning while providing you with valuable time at your workplace or home.

There are no scheduled lessons for this course.

You are required to work through the learning material and complete this qualification using the resources and guidance provided online, complete formative assessments in the form of quizzes and complete the final examination.

Industry Placement and Field Trips

There is no requirements for any industry placement and / or field trips to complete this course.

Other Costs and Equipment Needed

This is a blended learning course.

All the resources are available on our online platform and hence there are no additional costs associated with the course.

You will need the access to a computer with internet access to complete this course.

Expert Tutors

All staff involved in the delivery of any courses within the College are approved to teach and/or assess the subjects and modules they deliver. The approval process ensures that staff delivering and/or assessing a given programme are appropriately qualified, with relevant technical and industrial experience and professional practice.

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