STCW VTS (IALA C103-1) Operator Simulator Course


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22/07/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Week/ £2,635Enquire  
22/10/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Week/ £2,850Enquire  
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Course Overview

The VTS Operator Simulator course (35 hours) provides simulation exercises to assess the learning outcomes of the IALA C0103/1 model course and meets the requirements of IALA and the MCA. 

This stage may only be commenced on successful completion of the formal assessment for the VTS Induction course examination. The course offers the opportunity to apply vessel traffic monitoring and organisation methods for safe and uninterrupted movements of ships in the VTS area.

Delegates are required to deal with real life vessel traffic management situations and work as a VTS operator under routine and emergency situations in a simulated, but realistic, environment.

NOTE: This is the final stage of the VTS Operator Training (IALA Model Course C0103/1).
Successful completion of this course will lead to the issuance of the MCA approved VTS Operator Simulator course certificate.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have successfully completed the MCA approved VTS Induction course (IALA Model Course C0103/1) and must be in possession of such certificate. 

Career Options and Progression

This course is the final step in your pursuit of working as a qualified VTS Operator.

Provided you have met all the other MCA requirements, you can progress further to higher levels by undertaking the VTS C0103/2 Supervisor course offered at Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

Assessment Methods

The VTS Operator Simulator course (35 hours) follows and covers the IALA Model Course C0103/1 and provides competence in VTS underpinning knowledge by means of simulated exercises covering all eight modules. 

•    Module 1: Language
•    Module 2: Traffic Management
•    Module 3: Equipment
•    Module 4: Nautical Knowledge
•    Module 5: Communication Co-ordination
•    Module 6: VHF Radio
•    Module 7: Personal Attributes
•    Module 8: Emergency Situations

The course is continuously assessed and delegates receive constructive feedback during debriefs. 


Teaching and Learning Methods

It is a week-long course (35 hours) and runs from 0900 to 1700 hrs over 5 days.

Teaching and learning utilises the latest TRANSAS VTS simulator and is based on real life VTS settings.

Industry Placement and Field Trips

There is no requirements for any industry placement and/or field trips to complete this course.

Other Costs and Equipment Needed

There are no additional costs associated with this course and no equipment is needed.

Expert Tutors

All staff involved in the delivery of any courses within the College are approved to teach and/or assess the subjects and modules they deliver. The approval process ensures that staff delivering and/or assessing a given programme are appropriately qualified, with relevant technical and industrial experience and professional practice.

Tuition Fees

Regulation and Accreditation

Accrediting Institution: N/A

Awarding Body: N/A

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