COVID-19: Student FAQs

Fleetwood Nautical Campus: Student FAQs

Our priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and employees whilst also ensuring that learning can continue.

  • All learning, teaching and support is now online.
  • Fleetwood Nautical Campus premises will be closed until further notice. We are following Government advice and any changes will be communicated to you via email and Microsoft Teams.
  • We will provide learning and teaching by alternative means and tutors and the support teams will continue to support students with their learning, using the College’s Moodle system, Canvas, B&FC email and/or Microsoft Teams. This includes online and telephone support from tutors and support teams and will include an assessment of progress.
  • We understand that many of you will be feeling anxious. Please do reach out to colleagues, friends and family and support each other.

The College’s student support services also remain available to all members of the community. You'll find below a wide range of wellbeing services and resources. For additional information, check out 10 ways to take care of your mental health and wellbeing.

Pre-booked student accommodation

Please stay at home and attend lessons on the virtual platform Microsoft Teams as per previous communications. If you would like us to resend this information, please contact

It is not possible for the College to give guidance as to any individual contract you may have with landlords in Fleetwood, however, UK Government advice on tenancy agreements in COVID-19 may be helpful.

When the Campus is open, there will be sufficient space available in the Halls of Residence to accommodate students for the short courses; however this is to be confirmed in line with Public Health England's advice as this is a constantly evolving unprecedented situation.

For now, please do not travel to Fleetwood Nautical Campus (FNC). All lessons and clinics continue to be delivered through virtual platforms; therefore please stay safe at home.

Once we know more, we will announce short course details and FNC Halls of Residence accommodation can be arranged at that point if required.

I am completing my Notice of Eligibility (NoE) application and require a letter from College confirming my Cadet Training Route.

Please see the NoE PowerPoint presentation on Moodle for further information. Also, your company may be able to sign your passport.

How late I can join Phase 5?

We would prefer you join the sessions from the beginning. A maximum of 1 week late start may be possible if you are able to catch up, with extra time invested, so that you will not miss out on the content.

All sessions are compulsory and invaluable towards preparation for your external assessments.

Can I join Phase 5 sessions from my ship?

Yes, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you are able to join the sessions on Microsoft Teams as per your timetable.

Please ensure you can join all sessions without fail if you are on board. If you think it will prove difficult to attend all of the sessions, then you will have the opportunity to join Phase 5 in September 2020.

How do I reset the password for my College account?

In the first instance contact the help desk.

If unsuccessful, please email with a photo of you holding your photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport or Seaman Book or Previous College ID).

We will then reset the password as soon as possible. Currently it is taking around 48 hours from receiving the email to completing the reset process due to the current situation. 

How can I update my address, email address or contact number?

Please email

Will my Cadet Training Schematic be affected?

Your Training Schematic remains unchanged until we receive further information regarding the relaxation of lock-down and social distancing.

We will evaluate the impact and best arrangements in line with MNTB and MCA advice, which may include alternate options for phases within the Cadet Training.

We will notify you as soon as possible about any required changes.

If you have been instructed to stay on board your ship, due to restrictions on disembarking and are unable to attend Phase 5 in May 2020, we will enrol you onto Phase 5 starting in September 2020. Additional information is available here.

What is happening with MCA exams?

MCA will offer written exam dates as soon as the lock-down and social distancing is relaxed.

How can I keep up-to-date with information?

Please continue to check your student email, Microsoft Teams notifications and the College intranet (Moodle and MyDay) regularly, as these are the major channels we will use to communicate with you.

You may wish to follow our Facebook Page if you don’t already do so. 

Find answers to other questions about student support provided by Blackpool and The Fylde College and its partners at

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