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Pilots and Pilotage Authorities regularly undertake transfer of persons between vessels at sea.  There have been accidents, some fatal, whilst transferring persons between vessels making way.  In each case, personal competence and effective decision making was brought into question which resulted in prosecutions being made. 

The key lessons from such incidents are that trained and fully briefed persons should be used to conduct transfers with appropriate risk assessment being carried out, strict operational procedures followed and a company focus on behavioural safety at the forefront of effective decision making.

Our Marine Pilot Safety Training course, has been driven and developed in close collaboration with Peel Ports Group, allowing employers across industry to demonstrate they meet their legal/moral obligations whilst giving the employee confidence in carrying out a safe transfer at sea.

This course has two booking options.  You can either book a group course, or individual places on an open course. If you book a group course for your company, you will be liable to pay the full course fee, regardless of how many people actually attend on the day (up to 8). The advantage to booking a group course is that there will just be your people on it.

Booking a group course


One day at Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

Course fee

£2545 per group of up to 8.


On request.


The certificate is awarded by Blackpool and the Fylde College.

Entry requirements

There are no pre-requisites other than a requirement to be medically fit and free of illness/personal injury on the day of training as highlighted in the ‘Medical Declaration’ section below.

Medical Declaration

Parts of the course are of a physical nature.  Delegates will be required to complete a medical declaration stating that they are fit to undertake practical training when they attend the course.  This will be sent with joining instructions and delegates are requested to read this carefully so they are fully aware of the physical requirements.

Course details

This one day course includes classroom theory, with the practical element taking place in our Environmental Training Tank.  The morning theory session is consolidated in the practical session, starting in benign conditions, before gradually worsening (through waves, rain and darkness) to the point they recognise it is not safe to continue.

Some delegates (dependent on role) will be required to climb a 9 metre vertical pilot ladder and perform a ‘step across’ to a fixed platform. This develops confidence for the delegate as well as demonstrating to the employer that they are physically capable of performing the task.

Practical learning outcomes

This course gives those involved in Marine Pilot Transfer an understanding and awareness of the hazards, risks and control measures inherent within a diverse transfer environment at sea including:

•   Regulations and company guidance

•   Non-compliance

•   Pilot boat familiarisation

•   Life saving appliances

•   Boarding arrangements

•   Hadrian’s Rail usage

•   Communications

•   Accidents and lessons learned

•   PPE

•   Emergency procedures including MOB recovery

•   Practical transfers over water – 3m climb and bulwark ladder

•   9m vertical climb

•   Survival techniques

Find out more

Download our course information sheet or contact Gavin Burke, Operations Manager - or phone 01253 504721.

Booking individual places on a open course

The open courses are exactly the same as the group courses, but with attendees from a range of companies. You can find out more and book here. 


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