Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET and CA-EBS) and Escape Chute


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Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre

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Course Overview

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Aim of this course

This three day course offers two certificates. One certificate is OPITO approved and includes the BOSIET and CA-EBS, which is valid for UK waters and areas where OPITO courses are accepted, including the use of CA-EBS for helicopter travel. The second certificate is recognised under the North West Europe cross-border mutual recognition (January 10th 2013, as amended) for use in the UK and Norwegian Waters. This course was previously know as the Euro.

This course is run in connection with the mutual recognition agreement between the UK, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. If in doubt, please check with the Duty Holder/Employer of your Offshore installation.

OEUK Mutual Agreement links

Memorandum-of-Agreement-15-02-20131.pdf (

2019-Matrix-for-mutual-recognition-ver-1-Basic-Training.pdf (

To work in the UK sector the OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) is mandatory and can be completed immediately after the BOSIET on the Thursday/Friday. A 10% discount on the OPITO MIST course fee is available when booked online at the same time as the OPITO BOSIET, using code MIST10.

Link to MIST here

Validity of certificate

4 years minus one day, including OPITO registration. The certificate must be revalidated before the expiry date or up to 3 months before incurring no loss of time on new certificate start. Certificates should be refreshed with the 1 day Further Offshore Emergency Training with CA-EBS & Escape Chute (FOET CA-EBS & Escape Chute).

Entry Requirements

Parts of the course are of a stressful and physical nature. 

Prior to attending the training centre for the BOSIET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS), delegates must obtain the following:

  • Offshore Energies UK medical
  • Offshore Energies UK fitness to undertake in water CA-EBS training certificate (available at the time of medical)
  • Or an unexpired medical certificate to work at sea (e.g. ENG1) without restrictions
  • Or a valid Approved Medical examiner of Diving (AMED) medical

List of doctors providing this service.

Onsite medicals

We have Dr Steve Parr-Burman on campus each Tuesday to complete fit to train medicals.  Please contact the below to book:

07545 022858

Medicals and Fit to train examinations must be completed prior to the start date of the course. There is no time out of mandatory training time to complete these.

More information on OPITO courses.

Prior to the in water CA-EBS training delegates are required to:

  • Complete a medical declaration
  • Self-declaration of fitness to undertake in water CA-EBS

Delegates who do not provide an Offshore Energies UK medical or a Fit/Not fit to undertake in water CA-EBS certificate or cannot self-declare fitness on the day due to illness have 90 days to return to the training centre to complete the in water elements of the CA-EBS training.

We reserve the right to charge for returning to complete the in water elements.

Career Options and Progression

The OPITO BOSIET is an international requirement for employment in the oil and gas industry.

In addition, the Escape Chute elements are required for employment in Norway and Denmark.


Assessment Methods

  • Basic Safety Introduction
  • Life Saving First Aid and Hypothermia
  • Firefighting
  • TEMPSC Survival Craft
  • Sky Scape
  • Norwegian Survival Suit
  • Installation Overview
  • Sea Survival
  • Helicopter Safety and Underwater Escape (HUET) & Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) 
Learning Outcomes

All learning outcomes for the course can be found in the course summary. 

Teaching and Learning Methods

The OPITO BOSIET is delivered in the classroom for theory lessons.

Survival and Underwater Escape elements are delivered in our environmental pool.

Practical fire elements are delivered at Lancashire Industrial Fire Training centre.

This course is 40% theory and 60% practical.

Industry Placement and Field Trips

This course has no industry placement and no field trips.

Other Costs and Equipment Needed

Most of the course is of a hands on practical nature, the usual dress code for theory sessions is smart/casual.

You will also be required to bring:

  • Coveralls/boiler suit
  • One change of warm clothing
  • Personal wash kit
  • One pair safety shoes/rig boots
  • Swimming wear and towel
  • If you are below size 4 or larger than size 12 please bring a clean pair of old trainers (they will get wet)
  • Photographic proof of identity - such as a passport or driving license. This is compulsory to attend the course

Expert Tutors

All staff involved in the delivery of any courses within the College are approved to teach and/or assess the subjects and modules they deliver. The approval process ensures that staff delivering and/or assessing a given programme are appropriately qualified, with relevant technical and industrial experience and professional practice.

Tuition Fees

Regulation and Accreditation

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Awarding Body: N/A

Terms and Conditions

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