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01/08/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
17/10/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
31/10/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
14/11/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
28/11/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
12/12/2018Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
16/01/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
30/01/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
13/02/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
27/02/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
13/03/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire
27/03/2019Fleetwood Nautical Campus1 Day / £640.00Enquire

Course Overview

Aim of course:

To update and give further practice in emergency training that cannot be reasonably practised offshore.

Validity of certificate:

4 years including OPITO registration

Important Course Information:

This course combines three certificates, the OPITO approved FOET with CA-EBS for UK waters the FOET with EBS for all other areas where OPITO courses are accepted, and the third is to satisfy the requirements of the North Sea mutual acceptance of Basic safety and Emergency Preparedness training agreement dated 1st November 2007, to provide additional training in compliance with OLF requirements, for personnel who are not in possession of OLF Basic Safety training (02) certification.

If in doubt please check with the Duty Holder/Employer of the rig. It is mandatory that you bring your current certificate as proof of eligibility or other appropriate evidence i.e. Vantage print out, when you attend your course. The evidence must show the expiry date of your current certificate. It is the delegates own responsibility to provide such evidence. Your certificate must be in date or you may not be able to undertake refresher training. Please contact us if you are unsure of the validity of your previous training

Medical Declaration:

Attention is drawn to the fact that parts of the course are of a stressful and physical nature.

You will be required to complete a medical declaration when you attend your course.

An Oil & Gas UK (O&GUK) Medical is required prior to attending the course.

An Oil& Gas UK Fitness to undertake in water CA-EBS training certificate is required prior to attending the course (available at the time of the O&GUK medical.

For an up to date list of Doctors providing this service visit the Oil & Gas UK website and click on your nearest town.

For more information on OPITO courses click on the following link:


Entry Requirements

Delegates must be in possession of a current in date Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) certificate or an in date Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET), EURO or EURO R

Prior to attending the training centre for the EURO Refresher with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) delegates must obtain the following:

  • Oil & Gas UK Medical
  • Self declaration of fitness to undertake in water CA-EBS

Delegates who do not provide an Oil & Gas UK medical or a Fit / Not fit to undertake in water CA-EBS certificate or cannot self-declare fitness on the day due to illness have 90 days to return to the training centre to complete the in water elements of the CA-EBS training.

*we reserve the right to charge for returning to complete the in water elements after a 3 month implementation period from 26/03/18.

Career Options and Progression

Modules and Assessment

Teaching and Learning Methods

The EURO Refresher incorporating the OPITO FOET is delivered in the classroom for theory lessons

Survival and Underwater Escape elements are delivered in our Environmental pool

Practical fire elements are delivered at our Fire training centre

20% Theory 80% Practical

Work Placement and Field Trips

Other Costs and Equipment Needed

Expert Tutors

All staff involved in the delivery of offshore training within the College are appropriately qualified to teach the subjects and modules they deliver. Our teaching staff have considerable experience of the offshore, maritime and safety industries, with knowledge relevant to the courses we offer.

Tuition Fees

Fees, Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Private delegate - tuition fees are to be paid in full at the time of booking.

All fees are strictly non-refundable except when the College cancels the course.

Company sponsored delegate

  • Companies who hold credit accounts with the College will be invoiced following delivery of the Course
  • New companies are required to pay at the time of booking for their first course; credit facilities may be available on request, following successful credit checks.

Off-Premises and Distance Contracts Only

Please refer to College Terms & Conditions.

Course Transfers

If you are unable to attend your course you may be able to transfer to another available date. All transfer requests must be received in writing by FOSC no later than 5 working days prior to the commencement date of the course. Email cancellations during the weekend period are strictly not acceptable for courses that commence on a Monday or Tuesday. Company delegates that fail to attend on the commencement date of the course and have not provided 5 working days written notice will be invoiced the full course fee. Private delegates that fail to attend and have not provided 5 working days written notice will be charged the full course fee, no course transfer date will be processed and their payment will be lost. All second transfer requests incur a £55.00 administration fee. Delegates who have made multiple transfers (3+) and fail to attend without the required prior notice in writing will be charged a relevant fee at the discretion of FOSC.

Regulation and Accreditation

Terms and Conditions

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