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Maritime and Nautical

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05/02/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
25/03/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
03/06/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
28/10/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
29/10/2024Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
27/01/2025Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
25/03/2025Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  
05/05/2025Fleetwood Nautical Campus4 Weeks/ £690Enquire  

Course Overview

Prepare for your Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) orals examination.

This intensive programme of study will provide the knowledge and understanding required by junior officers to perform as a navigating officer on board merchant vessels.

You will learn techniques to help you express your knowledge and display competence during the oral examination interview.

Please be aware that this course represents one of two elements of the total course programme for OOW orals preparation.

There is an additional, mandatory week of training covering:

  • risk management
  • lifesaving appliances
  • fire fighting
  • deck work and EDH refresher (deck only)

The OOW orals preparation is a total of five weeks (incorporating both elements) for both deck and engine specialisms.

Pricing (both elements):

  • Deck: £975
  • Engine: £915

For further details, please contact maritime@blackpool.ac.uk.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course, however, this is a single element in a suite of qualifications needed when applying for the first certificate of competency (OOW).

Career Options and Progression

Completion of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) Certificate of Competency will give you the necessary qualification to navigate a merchant vessel which may lead to a senior
Certificate of Competency at the management level.

Assessment Methods

There are no specific modules or assessments on this course as it is the preparation for a formal orals assessment by an external examiner. The syllabus followed is an
international standard that is contained within the Standards for Training and Certification of Watchkeepers (STCW).

The syllabus includes:

  • Navigation
  • Maintain a safe navigational watch
  • Compasses
  • Manoeuvre the ship
  • Response to navigational emergencies
  • Response to other emergencies
  • Communications
  • Pollution prevention requirements
  • Seaworthiness of the ship
  • Legislative requirements

The full syllabus can be found in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Marine Guidance Notice (MGN) 69 STCW Regulation – II/I Syllabus Deck – C.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching and learning is wholly class-room based and is centred on the knowledge and understanding required for the oral assessment. Questions and answer sessions are the core with any deficiencies addressed through explanation and relation to the appropriate regulations.

Industry Placement and Field Trips

There is no work placement or field trips as part of this qualification

Other Costs and Equipment Needed

Accommodation, transfers and meals are not provided within this course.

All equipment required is provided.

The cost of the MCA Orals examination is not included in the above course fees.

Expert Tutors

All staff involved in the delivery of any courses within the College are approved to teach and/or assess the subjects and modules they deliver. The approval process ensures that staff delivering and/or assessing a given programme are appropriately qualified, with relevant technical and industrial experience and professional practice.

Tuition Fees

Regulation and Accreditation

Accrediting Institution: N/A

Awarding Body: N/A

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