We want to wish you a warm welcome to the Fleetwood Nautical Campus alumni community.

We'll be keeping you updated here on all the news from across the campus including achievements of alumni, students and tutors.


Students who complete their academic qualifications go to our graduation completed at the marine hall or at Thornton little theatre.

The graduation has always been a time where family and friends of our graduates can come together to celebrate. Students who complete their Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree on a deck engine or ETO programme all are welcome to attend the graduation. 

The graduation has developed overtime to become a fantastic event for you to celebrate your achievements which your colleagues. 

Women in Maritime

Fleetwood Nautical Campus is one of the pilot companies for the Women in Maritime initiative within Maritime UK. Fleetwood Nautical Campus has always had a female forum where out female students have come together to discuss and support each other. This is now being developed into a more diverse forum to ensure that anyone who feels they wish to contribute can freely join. Meetings take place both on campus and on Zoom for further details please e-mail

Nautical Student Society

This has been developed by some of our FD students and this gets passed down for phase 3 groups. This has been running now for 2 years, and provides students with an opportunity to attend seminars hosted by industry specialists. Some of the seminars that we have had in the past include the MAIB, Rolls Royce, MNTB and the RNLI. We are always looking for more opportunity’s to host so if you feel that you woudl be able to provide some insight to our students please e-mail


Increasing number of Celestial Navigation lessons are taking place at the Astronomy Centre, housed in Rossall School, situated on the golden beaches of Cleveleys.

Resident astronomer Dr Nick Lister takes our visiting students inside his planetarium dome and takes them through a journey in space. Notwithstanding, he makes a few ports of call namely stopping at the Orion nebula, first point of Aries, Libra amongst many others.

The students also get a guided tour of the night skies identifying various constellations, stars and planets, skills that a modern day navigator would need fixing the ship’s position at sea. This skill is becoming ever so important in era of cyber attacks and building a resilient bridge team in the event of a breach of network security.

New halls of residence

Increased demand for accommodation for students from around the world studying at Fleetwood Nautical Campus has led to a £1.5 million investment in a new Halls of Residence.

When completed at the end of August the new building will provide 35 rooms and increase the number available by more than one third from the existing 102. 

The additional capacity will enable the college to meet the requirements of shipping companies and those involved in offshore renewable energy, gas and oil exploration for secure on-site accommodation for their employees attending courses at the Campus and younger cadets just starting their training. 

The start of work on the building was marked by a ground-breaking ceremony carried out by Kathryn Neilson, who heads up the UK’s Merchant Navy Training Board with which the Campus has long-established links. 

Free SQA and Master and Mates Orals online sessions

The campus has recently started free online session delivering two key areas leading to a senior Certificate of Competency.

These include: 

SQA [Navigation and Stability, Chief Mates]. Every Tuesday 1100-1200 BST. Zoom meeting ID: 952 7576 7546
Master and Mates Orals preparation. Every Thursday 1700-1800 BST. Zoom meeting ID: 928 4022 4969

This is to help students who are caught up in the present situation of the pandemic. We have students joining our lessons from their ships and from various parts of the world.

At the end of the lesson, students get handouts and a copy of the video recording is made available for them to download.

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