Diver makes splash as GB triathlete

Published on 27/02/2020 by DTHACK

Fleetwood Nautical Campus' Adam Diver has been selected to represent Great Britain at the ETU 2020 Triathlon European Championships in Estonia.

One of Fleetwood Nautical Campus’ newest recruits is Adam Diver, a Progress Tutor for Maritime Operations.

And already Adam has made a big splash – both in and out of work.

This week Adam was selected to represent Great Britain at the ETU 2020 Triathlon European Championships in Estonia.

It’s his sixth attempt at being chosen to be part of this elite squad – proof that tenacity, commitment and determination breeds success.

As Adam prepares to take on his greatest sporting challenge – an event spanning a 1.5 mile swim, 40 kilometre bike ride and 10 kilometre run - he shares his enthusiasm for B&FC.

It's early days, but what so far has impressed you most about FNC?

The professionalism. I was in the British Army for 27 years and Fleetwood Nautical College has the same traits. Students are all very positive and eager to learn, staff are highly educated and friendly, and forward-leaning to colleagues and to students.  

You've always been a huge ambassador for training. How has learning changed your life?

Learning new skills has always been a part of my life. In the Army you change jobs every 2 years so you’re always training for your next role.

I love training the body, but also find very fulfilling training my mind.

I have numerous courses under my belt - a few diplomas, and an MBA. I’m currently on the Education and Training Diploma (DET) course here at B&FC – so I’m actually a student as well!

You're a proud Fleetwood resident. What do you enjoy most about the area?

I’ve travelled the world and seen many places – some great some not so great.

I have served in Afghanistan for three tours, Iraq for three tours, and Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

Fleetwood is amazing - some people may not see this if they haven’t travelled. The people are friendly and there are lots of things to do that cost nothing – such as beautiful coastal walks, Parkrun, parades for different events, and much more.

What skills learned during your Army days do you think will be most valuable to your time here at Fleetwood Nautical Campus?

Timekeeping and using your time effectively. Teamwork. And understanding mental health - that everyone has welfare issues that affect people in different ways.

Surname aside, what’s your offshore experience to date?

I have worked with the Royal Navy on many occasions, and I have been posted all over the world.

I have a diploma in health and safety and train delegates in this topic on Offshore courses.

During my sessions I advise on major accident hazards and how to avoid them. I also completed a Coxswains course and teach how to stay safe on a rig and abandon it if required.

What are you most looking forward to about working with offshore delegates here at FNC?

Working in Maritime Operations is very exciting for me personally. I can relate to the new students as I have been there and done it.

Starting off at a new place, living in a new environment with people you don’t know, making new friends and learning a new trade – it’s all an adventure.

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